Launching of African Chamber of Mines and others Associations,Windhoek, Namibia

Launching of African Chamber of Mines and others Associations,Windhoek, Namibia

Recalling the Maputo declaration of the 3rd Conference of African Ministers Responsible for Mineral Resource Development held in Maputo, Mozambique December 2013, which urged AUC to broaden-partnership including the private sector for the implementation of Africa mining vision that was adopted in 2009 by the AU Heads of State and Government as a blue prints inclusive and sustainable development of the mineral resources sector to underpin broad based development.

Cognizant of the transformative role of the mineral resources sector in the social and economic structural transformation on African economies through commodity based industrialization as envisioned by the agenda 2063.

Aware of the critical role of the Chamber of Mines and other mining associations in the building of mutual trust between the key stakeholders in the mineral resources sector, namely, the government, the private sector and the communities.

Realizing the need for the voice of the private sector in the discussions of the establishment of the continental free trade area that will catalyze the development of regional value chains in the mineral sector.

We, the leadership of the regional Chambers of Mines and other mining associations in Africa gathered in Windhoek, Namibia from the 5th – 7th of October, 2017 do hereby agree as follows-

  1. Endorse the AMV private sector compact, commit to submitting it to respective regional leadership and further commit to its full adoption.
  2. That a continental body to be KNOWN AS ‘Association of Chambers of Mines and other mining associations in Africa’ (ACMMAA) be established.
  3. An interim committee be formed to oversee the establishment of ACMMAA consisting of the president of mining industry association of southern Africa( MIASA) , the chairperson of the eastern Africa Chamber of Mines and Extractive Industry Association, the executive director of ECOWAS federation of chambers of mines, the president of African women in mining association(AWIMA), the executive secretary of MIASA and a technical advisor:
  4. The interim committee among other things will:
  • Facilitate the formation of association of Chambers of Mines in the Central African and Northern African regions and ensure that they also endorse the AMV private sector compact.
  • Draft the ACMMAA governing documents and strategic framework.
  • Facilitate the formation of national Chambers of Mines and AWIMA National Chapters where they don’t exist.
  • Organize the first general assembly within one year to officially launch ACMMAA.

Signed in Windhoek on the 7th October, 2017

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