Member Benefits

The inherent benefits of membership of EFEDCOM are quite broad. These benefits provide huge mileage for its members in their corporate engagements and include the following:

  1. A strong voice for private sector players in the mining industry on issues of concern.
  2. A credible liaison between mining companies operating in West Africa and the ECOWAS
  3. Access to the hierarchy of ECOWAS, where regional policies germane to the mining industry in each country are enacted. Through this access, advocate for effective policies to promote mining in West Africa.
  4. A part of the Association of Chambers of Mines and Mining Associations of Africa (ACMMA), an umbrella Africa-wide advocacy body for private sector firms operating in Africa.
  5. EFEDCOM is a first port of call for mining business opportunities and contacts in West Africa.
  6. EFEDCOM provides an opportunity to share knowledge and best practices in mining practices among its members.
  7. EFEDCOM provides a platform to harmonise and aggregate data to support the implementation of the African Mining Vision through its inherent value chains.