About Us

Mission & Vision

The Mission of the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines is to advocate for effective policies to promote sustainable and responsible mining, and to use the resources and capabilities of the Members to serve the needs of its stakeholders within the Community.

OBJECTIVES: The ECOWAS Chamber of Mines shall strive to achieve its Mission guided by the following objectives:

  • Sensitizing Member States, through campaigning and advocacy for the enactment of effective policies to promote mining across the Community;
  • Promoting mining interests in the Community, in particular, the image of the industry and its Members.
  • Communicating with, and exchanging information on mining matters among members and with other non-member Chambers of Mines, relevant Government departments and organizations, including civil society connected with mining, generally in Africa and elsewhere.
  • Promoting, participating in, or supporting the establishment and improvement of facilities in the Community for education and technical training, and to give scholarships and grants aimed at benefitting the mining industry.
  • Promoting the settlement of trade disputes by Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism as applicable in a Member State, and if called upon, act as arbitrator in the settlement of any dispute arising out of mining activities.
  • Representing the mining industry or some section thereof at various international fora including conferences, conventions, committees and other meetings or gatherings.
  • Subscribing to and promoting the aims and objects of any other body corporate, society, association or movement that has similar objects to the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines.
  • Ensuring effective membership-governance.
  • Providing informed-leadership for effective solutions on mining industry-related issues.