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Chamber Council

Executive Council: Number & Membership
  • a) The number of members of the EC is expected to be eighteen (18) persons maximum, and would be appointed by the General Assembly and determined by ordinary resolution of the members in general meeting. The Council would comprise of the following category of members:
    1. Each ECOWAS Member State shall be represented by one person nominated from amongst its membership in the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines to be on the EC. The nominees shall be at the level of the Executive Head or representative of a member Chamber.
    2. Three (3) members with technical expertise on mining issues co-opted by the General Assembly.
    3. The Executive Director of the Secretariat of ECOWAS Chamber of Mines.
  • b) ECOWAS & UEMOA Commissions’ participation in EC Meetings shall only be as Honorary Observers.
  • c) The EC has elected its Chairman from among its membership and the position shall be on rotation basis.
  • d) Upon nominations to the EC, the General Assembly has ratified the membership as follows:
    – Chairman Mr. Chaikou Yaya Diallo (Guinea Chamber of Mines)
    – Vice Chairman Alhaji Mohammed Shehu (Miners Association of Nigeria)
    – Treasurer Mr. Toussaint Bamouni (Burkina Faso Chamber of Mines)
    – Executive Director Mr. Sulemanu Koney (Ghana Chamber of Mines)
Functions and Duties of the EC:
  1. Oversee the business of the Federation on behalf of its membership in between Annual General Assemblies.
  2. Approve, amend or review recommendations from the committees appointed by the EC.
  3. Take decisions in the absence of the General Assembly subject to ratification by the General Assembly.
  4. Initiate and supervise the implementation of policies, programmes and procedures of the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines.
  5. Oversee or supervise the budgetary and financial matters of the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines.
  6. Recommend to the General Assembly the Adoption and Amendments of the Constitution of the ECOWAS Chamber.
  7. Appoint from the membership of the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines to temporarily fill any vacancies among the members of the EC, until the next meeting of the General Assembly.
  8. Select and approve nominations for international conferences and workshops upon recommendations from the Secretariat or appropriate committee where applicable.
  9. Appoint the Executive Director and his Deputies and other professional staff of the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines including Consultants, Technical Advisors etc.
  10. Terminate the appointment of the Executive Director and other staff mentioned above where necessary.
  11. Make bye-laws for the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines.
  12. Without the approval by ordinary resolution of members in a general meeting, the EC shall not;
    • sell or dispose-off the whole or substantially the whole of the assets of the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines,
    • raise funds for the Chamber, or
    • mortgage or charge the ECOWAS Chamber of Mines’ properties.